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Public events

Best stages in Ukraine. Various public events, seminars, speeches and festivals are not complete without quality technical support. Without this, it is impossible to maintain a high level of the event. Not many stages in Ukraine can provide high-quality sound, audio equipment and lighting technology. Without high-quality technical solutions, even a professional event will resemble amateur performances and will not have the desired effect.

Zinteco provides a range of services related to the rental of scenes and equipment, the organization of events, the construction of technical structures and the technical organization of sound equipment

Best solutions for making stages in Ukraine

For any performance you need a stage. If not, you will have to build a structure from scratch. You will need stage designs, the reliability of which there is no doubt. The stage design remains the main assistant to any organizer, making the event more vivid and unique. Before you order the necessary equipment, you should decide on the number of guests, as well as artists, musicians and speakers who will take part in music and show events.

Some of them may need additional designs for the installation of props or equipment, you need to provide in advance. Stage rental will help get the playground, will be equally convenient for all those invited. Do not forget that the scene is the center of attention of the public. If you need to arrange a room before the public events, the client just has to order the scene by contacting us, and our architects will develop and offer you a concept that will embody your idea. Due to the mobility of the structure, the organizers will be able to obtain from us documentation of universality and the ability to assemble the structure quickly.

Each concert takes place according to a specific scenario, in which attention should be paid to even minor nuances. Therefore, the architectural light today enjoys such success, because with its help it is possible to interest passers-by and guests at the upcoming event. The effectiveness of the light design of the holiday using the rental of lighting equipment depends on the type, type, power and number of lighting devices, as well as the skill of the programmer at the console, the light designer, light operator, and architects for music and show events.

Music and show events

Lighting and audio technology. When conducting presentations, fashion shows, exhibitions, and other various events, it is equally important for the organizer to think over a scenario using light equipment to make the desired effect on the target audience. Professional lighting technology will help to cope with this task. The unwritten rule reads: "Where there is a scene, it must be light." When ordering theatrical light, a person fully fulfills this requirement, ensuring that unusual lighting technology and illumination of each object, or the whole structure, are obtained.

Audio technology is an important part of mass events. Our specialists, engineers, and employees will offer several interesting options for the integrated use of equipment, given the scale of the planned event. The experience of managers will be useful to those who organize speeches for the first time and require practical recommendations. Rental amplifiers often become a simple solution to the problem of lack of power in standard equipment. Such devices help save money by using conventional technology with powerful amplifiers. We specialize in complex technical support of large-scale events and offer its services of renting the stage and other structures in any configurations. We can create any complex if necessary and prepare it for non-standard audio technology conditions.