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The NSC Olimpiysky Imagine Dragons
03.09.2018 18:27:58
Nothing but music
30.08.2018 18:59:03
2 day Upark festival.
31.07.2018 20:54:12
Zinteco at WWFC11
19.06.2018 21:38:15
47th International Film festival Molodist. The Ending.
05.06.2018 21:56:01
26th Chestnut Run
02.06.2018 20:14:24

To the organizers of public events

Public events, such as meetings, fairs and street festivals, sporting competitions and festivities involve placing a large number of people in a particular area. During their realization, except the technical aspects, related to sound reinforcement, lighting, electricity provision, etc. a very important role is played by measures to ensure people stay safe on the site. Proper zoning in urban conditions, cooperation with local authorities and law enforcement agencies in obtaining building permits, compliance with safety standards when designing and building site - these are some of the aspects that are always resolved by specialists of our company while working on such projects.

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