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About Zinteco

Zinteco is a leader in the field of logistics of entertainment events, festivals, concerts, and tours in Ukraine. We provide a full range of services with professional lighting, sound and stage equipment, from developing a project design to its implementation.

During all history of the company since its founding more than 25 years ago to the present day we have accumulated wide experience in the above fields by working with such well-known and honored artists like Deep Purple, Elton John, Joe Cocker, Prodigy, Metallica, Patricia Kaas, Emma Shaplin, Bryan Adams, Zucchero, 50 Cent, Christina Aguilera, Nelly Furtado, Paul McCartney, Cesaria Evora, Okean Elzy, DDT, The Time Machine and others. We took part in the realization of impressive and innovative projects such as festivals "Chervona Ruta" and "Perlyny Sezonu", "Tavriski Ihry" and "Chornomorski Ihry", Eurovision Song Contest 2005 and Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2009, 2010 and 2011. Zinteco was a technical contractor of the world championships in gymnastics, weightlifting, fencing, football championship Euro-2012 in Ukraine, have provided equipment during the visits of US presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, Pope John Paul II. We are proud to be involved in technical support to the twentieth-anniversary tour of Okean Elzy in summer 2014 when the concert on NSC Olimpiiskyi in Kyiv was attended by a record number of spectators– about 70,000.

Amongst our clients are the Victor Pinchuk Foundation, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Kyiv Youth Theatre, Zaporizhzhia Music and Drama Theater, Ivan Franko Theater in Kyiv, TV companies ICTV, "Inter", "1+1", "K1". Zinteco is also a partner of "Friends Club" in Mystetskyi Arsenal and supports artistic events and exhibitions that are held there.


No matter which project (a one-time event or permanent installation), the scale and level of the event, each project must go through certain stages of its development.


At this point our specialists meet with a customer for discussing the project idea, the peculiarities of the location, logistics, scheduling and conditions of installation and removal, for understanding the concept and scenario, the requirements to technical equipment of the event. Great help in this is the joint meeting on the venue when our experts make necessary measurements, draw the plans and drawings of a room or territory, and specify the required dimensions.


Based on the primary tasks, the technical design of the project is developed, pre-composition and location of the equipment, decorations, furniture, and all other equipment needed for this project are determined. Using 3D modeling and computer simulations at this stage allows the easiest way to inform the customer about the features of any decisions, avoid gross errors and inconsistencies with related services.


After approval of the overall design, the project documentation is developed, containing drawings of the equipment with reference to the venue, the suspension points with load calculations. If necessary, technical expertise is ordered to understand a carrying capacity of building components and structures, TOR for the cooperating contractors. Equipment specifications, drawings, schemes of electric networks and power consumption calculations etc. are compiled on this stage.


Zinteco has a team of skilled professionals who efficiently and promptly perform the installation works and conduct commissioning activities in accordance with project solutions and guide the project until its completion. For permanent installations, we also offer a supply of necessary equipment and materials from leading manufacturers. Using modern technology of 3D modeling allows us to offer the customer pre-programming of lighting and acoustic calculations that significantly reduces the preparation time at the site.


During the project, our specialists provide the operation of equipment system used at the event. For permanent installations, we suggest joining the maintenance service staff of the venue to our team during installation and commissioning works for teaching the necessary skills for work with the equipment. In addition, the company provides warranty and post-warranty service for installed equipment.