• Audio technology
    Audio technology

    Acoustic systems, amplifiers, mixing consoles, sound processing, microphones, conference systems, instrumental lines, DJ-equipment

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  • Lighting technology
    Lighting technology

    Architectural light, cinema light, theatrical light, cinema light, discos and clubs


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Technology Overview

We are offering professional sound, light and stage equipment and services related to it. We are offering not only equipment rental, but also planning, development of technological equipping for entertainment events. For more efficient using of our capabilities to create optimal technological set, we are suggesting our users to engage us in design works at early stage as possible.

The company also offers a full range of services for designing of technological equipping for various facilities, such as television studios, theaters, clubs, entertainment centers, etc., supplying of equipment and its installation on a facility, adjustment works and personnel training.

Lighting Technology

Architectural lights, lights for TV studios, the light for cinema, light for theater, concerts, discos and clubs

Audio Technology

Speakers, amplifiers, mixing consoles, audio processing, microphones, conference systems, instrumental lines, DJ-equipment


Decorations design and manufacturing, protective barricades, Layher system stages , aluminum stages


Constructions from farms, winches, control and load control systems, accessories.

Best stages in Ukraine

Rental rigging equipment is often used to save time and facilitate the work of technical staff. Human efforts no longer have to be spent on work that can be simplified. Selection and rental of equipment is not difficult. It is enough to use the services of a company specializing in the provision of such services. Our experts will help you make the best decision. Today the rigging is presented in a huge range.

When choosing Rigging Ukraine stuff for hire, you should remember about the basic elements that should always be used. They will distribute the load, ensuring efficient operation. The chain may differ in impressive size and a variety of connecting elements, but they should not have even the slightest defects. The chain is different in steel grades, so it can be attributed to the cargo, traction or drive category. The type of material determines the scope of its further use.

Reliable Cables: the Safety Scene of Any Event

Rigging Ukraine manufacturers offer to use twisted or braided cables. They should be selected depending on the scope of use. Turning to our company, the client receives confidence that the proposed service will ensure the fulfillment of the task and will be a guarantee of a successful event. We cooperate only with those manufacturers that have managed to prove their reliability and have an impeccable reputation. This is very important for our company, and further work in the Ukrainian market.

All stuff has a large scope, ranging from public speaking and ending with industrial and warehouse complexes. The load in each of these cases will be different, so we recommend relying on the recommendations of specialists who are able to correctly calculate the needs of the customer and provide him with reliable and practical equipment.

The company is always ready to take on the order, providing the client with stuff quality, proper quality and in the required time. We offer a balanced Rigging pricing policy, which makes cooperation even more profitable for the company's customers. Every customer is extremely important to us. Therefore, we have developed an individual approach to all users.

All Rigging Ukraine equipment is constantly checked, because our reputation depends on its serviceability. Reliable equipment and proper installation will allow you to organize any event at the highest level. We provide exclusively professional solutions that will help you hold the perfect event.

Stage mechanics

Stage equipment, construction of farms and accessories, winches, stage automation

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