• Audio technology
    Audio technology

    Acoustic systems, amplifiers, mixing consoles, sound processing, microphones, conference systems, instrumental lines, DJ-equipment

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  • Lighting technology
    Lighting technology

    Architectural light, cinema light, theatrical light, cinema light, discos and clubs


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Technology Overview

We are offering professional sound, light and stage equipment and services related to it. We are offering not only equipment rental, but also planning, development of technological equipping for entertainment events. For more efficient using of our capabilities to create optimal technological set, we are suggesting our users to engage us in design works at early stage as possible.

The company also offers a full range of services for designing of technological equipping for various facilities, such as television studios, theaters, clubs, entertainment centers, etc., supplying of equipment and its installation on a facility, adjustment works and personnel training.

Lighting Technology

Architectural lights, lights for TV studios, the light for cinema, light for theater, concerts, discos and clubs

Audio Technology

Speakers, amplifiers, mixing consoles, audio processing, microphones, conference systems, instrumental lines, DJ-equipment


Decorations design and manufacturing, protective barricades, Layher system stages , aluminum stages


Constructions from farms, winches, control and load control systems, accessories.

Stage mechanics

Stage equipment, construction of farms and accessories, winches, stage automation

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