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MFA Open Air 2018 has ended
22.06.2018 09:59:34
47th International Film festival Molodist. The Ending.
05.06.2018 21:56:01
Ukrainian Amazons at Mystetskyi Arsenal.
16.05.2018 19:44:07
07.03.2018 18:34:45
World premiere of the oratorio
25.04.2016 17:50:00

Maintenance of art projects and exhibitions

Art exhibitions are different from trade ones not only in nature of exhibits and much longer term of exposition, but also have their own peculiarities. Developing art projects the main objective is to find the best way to implement an artist’s wishes, which are not always common, thus remain within the technical capabilities and budget of an event.

Finding the best set of means that are appropriate specifically for this event – light, sound, video, design elements, taking into account the peculiarities of location (indoors or outdoors), fixed or temporary accommodation, providing an opportunity for temporary actions during the event - this is not an exhaustive list of tasks which our experts solve constantly working out the projects.

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