• Photo Zinteco
The NSC Olimpiysky Imagine Dragons
03.09.2018 18:27:58
Nothing but music
30.08.2018 18:59:03
Began installing the stage complex of the Imagine Dragons concert...
29.08.2018 06:00:00
2 day Upark festival.
31.07.2018 20:54:12
Franz Ferdinand In Kyiv. Minutes to the show.
13.06.2018 22:31:03
47th International Film festival Molodist. The Ending.
05.06.2018 21:56:01

To the organizers of concerts, festivals, and tours

Modern concerts and musical festivals have a high level of technical equipment, which imposes serious requirements for the equipment that is used primarily for its reliability and safety, system integration, and proper organization of all component of a show on a stage. Equally important is the question of endurance of equipment during transportation and logistics in the organizing of tour travels.

The use of high-quality materials and equipment in combination with our highly qualified professionals enable the company to provide high-quality concert tour of various levels of difficulty. For over 20 years the organizers of local and foreign artist's tours trust us the logistics of the shows.

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