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The task of the sound complex is to ensure the quality and correct reproduction of language and music. Unfortunately, success depends not only on the microphones, mixing consoles and acoustic systems you use, but also on the acoustic characteristics of the venue. For example, large hall with long reverberation requires a different approach than open air.

Other factors include: coverage area size, desired direction, level of sound pressure, uniformity of the frequency range, etc. Issues such as the humidity of the environment and the time of sound work also play an important role in the planning of the sound system. In other words, you will not achieve optimal results without experienced technicians, high-quality engineering calculations and a wide selection of specialized audio technologies. Zinteco has a large number of highly skilled technicians and production managers who have access to the latest advanced audio products and technologies to support any project or event.

You can see the list of our audio equipment below. These are the devices that are often rented and which are in great demand among our partners.

Speakers, amplifiers, mixing consoles, audio processing, microphones, conference systems, instrumental lines, DJ-equipment