• 05.06.2018

47th International Film festival Molodist. The Ending.

Zinteco Design & Engineering is specializing in execution of sophisticated structure projects. If you take global climate change into consideration you can track often extreme weather in Ukraine – sudden storms (Odesa, Skadovsk, Carpathian mountains) , hurricanes and blizzards.
First time at Molodist film festival 2018 at Poshtova Square (located at Dnipro banks with often wind blowings) we decided to substitute a part of Layher construction for a steel truss, which allowed to build without limits. We were also able to not overload the project with a large number of Layher Scaffold constructions preserving architecture and asymmetry form. This way we were able to implement Molodist designer’s vision.These special constructions are much more powerful than aluminium. It’s fine to say that every project can have individual approach and be unique taking into consideration positive result so called recognition effect (Molodist stage).
We’re grateful to Molodist project designers for turning to us to implement their idea. We developed technical project and made it reality. We used a lot of steel elements, for example - S52SV, B100RV, Box corners, different length Steel sections.
Open construction photos were shown in our previous news block on 26 May 2018. The structures are built with different angles. So lets check these photos once again...
Thanks to 47th Molodist Internationl film festival. We wish you more creative unparalleled decisions and new projects!