• 07.11.2018

FOTIS AUDIO - the top K-standard of L-Acoustics Rental Network.

The L-Acoustics Network was created in 2009 after the launch of the K1 pilot program. The pilot program K1 was introduced to conduct a preliminary "field" test of new flagship Line Source System in real conditions of stadiums and festival tours. The leading world rental companies: Rat Sound Systems (USA), Black Box Music (Germany), Britannia Row, SSE Audio Group (Great Britain) took part in this program. After two years of testing, the mass production of the system began, and the Rental Network started to grow. Ñurrently it numbers about 650 companies around the world.

The new system K2 appeared in 2014 as an evolution of the flagship K1. K2 is not just K1 in the format of 12". The new system has added operational flexibility due to larger vertical opening angle and innovative PANFLEX™ technology. Rental Network has gained a new powerful impulse for growth. K2 is predicted to be a very successful and multipurpose system both as the main PA system and as one complex with K1. The unification of the L-Acoustics rigging system allows to connect easily different systems for optimal realization of a variety of tasks.

The agents of Rental Network have a number of obligations and tasks:
The first obligation concerns equipment sets. The ideology of L-ACOUSTICS - the sets of rental equipment should be at least the minimum size set for efficient use. There can be no compromise between quality and equipment kit.
The second task is the adoption of a universal signal distribution and control system (unification of the amplifiers - controllers LA12X / LA8, merged into the standard LA-RAK and the network LA Network). This is a guarantee of the predicted and successful work with standard electronics, cables, accessories of L-ACOUSTICS.
The third obligation concerns the education of personnel. L-Acoustics positions itself as a market leader of acoustic systems, and pays great attention to the training of technicians to work with design software, electronics and the loudspeakers. Training and certification of specialists by leading engineers of L-Acoustics is mandatory.
Rental Network standards

System standards Kiva II Kara K2 K1
K Standard N/A 24 Kara 8 SB18 LA-RAK II/LA-RAK All cables 24 K2 8 K1-SB and 8 KS28/SB28 LA-RAK II/LA-RAK All cables 48 K1 24 K1-SB 24 K2 12 Kara 24 KS28/SB28 LA-RAK II/LA-RAK All cables
H Standard 12 Kiva II 4 SB15m LA4X/LA8/LA12X 12 Kara 4 SB18 LA4X/LA8/LA12X 12 K2 8 K1-SB or KS28 or SB28 LA-RAK II/LA-RAK N/A

Standard H includes current and legacy systems that are not compatible with K, including legacy standard V.
System standard "K" is the latest evolution of line arrays and electronics L-Acoustics. It includes K-series systems (Kiva II, Kara, K2, K1), associated subwoofers, system-based LA-RAK controllers, integrated electronics rack and system accessories.

Standard setting helps to achieve:
- predictable performance and system behavior with its optimized components
- simplified cross rental, easy system interfacing and fast pooling of systems
- maximum efficiency and safety in the field with standard electronics, cables, accessories
- high quality of the design and adjustment of the system due to obligatory training and certification of specialists L-Acoustics
FOTIS AUDIO is currently the owner of the L-Acoustics equipment, which corresponds to the highest K-standard system K2 with a set of newest subwoofers KS28 and LA12X amplifiers in the LA-RAK II.

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FOTIS AUDIO is the only company in Ukraine represented by the top-level system of L-Acoustics K1, which is the world leader in the show implementation on large venues.
K1 system from FOTIS AUDIO in combination with K2 and KS28 subwoofers was used as the main PA system at the UPark festival at the Dynamo Stadium in Kyiv. The headliners were Gorillaz and Massive Attack.

FOTIS AUDIO pays attention to the training of specialists. The company's engineers trained at L-Acoustics headquarters in Marcoussis, France, and were certified to work with the appropriate equipment.
March 2010 - Rammstein concert. K1 systems.

November 2011 - Opening of the NSC Olimpiyskiy stadium as part of preparation for EURO 2012. K1 systems.
June 2012 - Queen + Adam Lambert concert. K1 systems.
April 2013 - Zemfira Tour in Ukraine. K1 systems were used.
July 2016 - U-Park Festival at NSC Olimpiyskiy Stadium. Muse and Red Hot Chilli Peppers as Headliners. K1 and K2 systems.

March 2017 - Loboda’s concert at The Palace of Sports , Kyiv. K2 systems.

May 2017 - Jamala’s concert at The Palace of Sports , Kyiv. K2 systems.
May 2017 - Eurovision Song Contest 2017, IEC, Kyiv. K2 systems.

July 2017 - Depeche Mode Concert at NSC Olimpiyskiy in the "Global Spirit Tour". K1 and K2 systems.

September 2017 - Andrea Bocelli, NSC Olimpiyskiy. Systems K1 and K2.

April 2018 - 30 Seconds to Mars concert in The Palace of Sports , Kyiv. K2 systems.

On August 24, 2018, a large concert of Okean Elzy band took place at the NSC Olimpiyskiy. About a hundred thousand fans of the band could appreciate the power and quality of sound. L-Acoustics K1, K2, KS-28, K1-SB, Kara systems were used.